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01:00 video


released July 14, 2015

All songs by Emma Witmer, written and recorded between 2011 and 2015
Recorded at Boof Lodge in Champaign, IL and in a basement in Verona, WI



all rights reserved


gobbinjr New York, New York


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Track Name: u
i found ur other hand it was waiting outside the house
didn't know it could be alone for so long
i noticed it was pouring so i went out for a walk
it wasn't pouring it was boring now i'm sweating and i'm boring
u gave me helicopter skills when i get cold
i get cold a lot
it got me tired
it got me wired
and i kno
and i kno what i'm singing about
i wish there were more words that rhymed along with u
they don't sound as good as u and u and u and u and u
Track Name: insufrible
one two three and i'm at the door again
call me back and i'm on the floor again
will you ever meet me there? no way
i could even cut your hair... no thanks
falling back, yeah, i'm slacking off the reigns
u got me all mixed up; deranged
u are insufrible my dear

counting down all the moments that we met
u told me that u weren't ready yet
what if it was meant to be?
ur killing every part of me
u've got beef and u haven't settled in
doctor says u should take ur medicine
u are insufrible my dear
Track Name: bb gurl
last night i dreamt ur girlfriend died
u should have cried, but u didn't
falling asleep, ur on my mind
ur by my side

i know ur falling for
her painted toes and open doors but
now it's time to do the chore
and come back to my dreams

i don't care i don't care i know it's wrong to say it
i don't care i don't care
Track Name: don'tchya kno
close ur eyes
u should relax a bit
and in time
i think u could commit
to ur life
and all the lights u lit
close ur eyes

i need to keep u in my sight
i need to keep u by my side
when the corners of ur lips
are the sails to sinking ships

but don't u know
ur better off alone than feeling so
u know
ur forest fires won't just melt the snow
u know
ur in the shaded gray, u got another day, i'm just a call away
Track Name: no name
i'm a waste of ur time
there's a thousand ways to whine
i've perfect every one
ur shoulder's growing cold
while my face is growing old
i'm aware that i've done wrong

what did i have to be?
why did i have to see
that ur the only one for me?
what did i have to do
to be the only one for u?
Track Name: i can't sleep
2 o clock when life's a bitch and karma knocks
out of bed, all the thoughts in ur head
are weakening the bonds between u and me

so stop
"i can't sleep"

u know me o i wish i could say the same
a lost story, we could fight over who to blame
i can't sleep cause i wish we could meet again

my dreams
"i can't sleep"

he won't talk to anyone besides his dog
i wish i could be that bitch
i can't sleep cause i wish we could be alone

my dreams
"i can't sleep"

i can't sleep
Track Name: reason
it's gotta have reason
it's gotta keep role
it's gotta be the thought
it's gotta be the soul

it's gotta have reason
it's gotta be controlled
it's gotta be free
it's gotta have soul

it's gotta be u
Track Name: candy apples and razor blades
i'm too good at being alone to let my talents go to waste
didn't even have a home, i didn't even have a face

all the shadows that i've fought, learning not to take the bait
loading up on food for thought, candy apples and razor blades

i plan my funeral
u plan ur wedding
i don't know what u said
but it's pretty

get naked get high, whatever u have to do to feel like urself

no one should ever be alone besides me
i know that you feel alone beside me

i think ur dead inside
so am i
let's be dead together
until we die
Track Name: evening side
it's getting late and Lacy's gone
who will be here to hear this song?
i keep my panties on at night
it keeps me safe i feel alright
alone tonight

it's getting harder not to hear
the discontent and insincere
i hope my intention is clear
ur over there i'm over here
alone tonight

smoke tree inventing my late night vibe
i keep pretending that i'm alive
it gets me going when u don't mind
won't u show me ur evening side

i can't be the only one
i know that i'm alone

did i forget to put my contacts in
yeah they're in
did i forget to take my medicine
wait yeah i took it
so why do i feel so goddamn shitty?
Track Name: u are what u defecate
i feel like a turd
been feeling like a turd all day
it's an accurate word
it's embarrassing to me that i am still a child

i'm still in bed
i'd rather keep it in my head
u know what u said
and i'm thinking it through
i don't think i deserve u